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TOPIC: Prospective Farrier - Plans and Thoughts

RE:Prospective Farrier - Plans and Thoughts 11 Nov 2009 12:41 #31

  • DavidinGA
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GregTrem wrote:
So in addition to all my other tasks, I've tried to lay out my tool buying for the next few months so that I have everything I need for class, can get practicing my forge work, and try to keep the outlay in the $200-$300 range per month.

Here's my plan thus far. . . thoughts? I have a 60# flat horn anvil right now, which I plan to replace, but later in the series. Forge is a small coal/coke I built myself.

Rounding hammer - NC, Calvary, Blackstock or Bloom Forge, 1.5lb
Fire Tongs - 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2" NC probably
Cross Peen - Belotta or Bloom forge 1.5/1.75 lb

Bob punch - Roy Bloom wood handle
Forepunch - Roy Bloom, wood/steel, anyone have thoughts on head shape?
Pritchel - one or two by nordic probably.
Creaser - Roy Bloom. . . wood or steel. . .?

Anvil. . . maybe the NC Calvary? Looks to be the most round horned of their models

Nippers - Nordic race 14"
Driving Hammer - NC 10oz
Clinch block - diamond block
Clinch Cutter - Roy Bloom
Clinchers - Maybe a Nordic or Diamond for starters?

Crease nail pullers - Diamond
PullOffs - Diamond
Rasps & handles - Belotta or Legend. . . would a 6pack be a wise initial?
Hoof knife - NC probably. Do I get the handed that I am dominant? What about wide/narrow blade? One of each?

Greg, I just got back into this game a little over a year ago, after almost a decade of not touching a hoof and over half that time without a horse. So, I feel your financial pain on buying this stuff all at once. Most of my tools are diamond because ( like I've said before) they are ok tools and affordable. A couple of things I did manage to save some money on.

I got a clinch cutter from ( no name, about 3-5 bucks IIRC) and it's nothing to brag about but it's worked for me for over a year now.

Got my apron from an Amish guy, customized for 40 bucks ( ex highschool foot ball lineman and Former Marine so one of my thighs makes two of most guys)

Got my Anvil off Craigslist ( It's a Peter Wright though and pretty good one) but I had to spend a lot of time searching for it.

Got a Whisper Momma forge off Ebay ( for half price even after shipping and buying a welding brick to go in it) If you're really handy, you can go to for a good tutorial on how to make your own portable gas forge. He also sells parts and peices to keep you from having to make every peice of the forge.

Clinch Block - I got a pair of diamond pull offs that have the grips on the back ( to work as a shoe spreader) and I used them to clinch with until I dropped a rasp and broke it. Then I welded a handle on a peice of the broken rasp for my clinch block. I have looked at store bought clinch blocks but I like the feel of mine better now so I'll just keep using it.

Rounding Hammer- 2# hammer from harbor freight. I figured this'll do till I break it then I can get a better one, well it's still doing so no new hammer yet.

Driving hammer, honestly I haven't a clue what mine is because the Amish guy that made my apron gave me the head and I cleaned it up and rehung it, but it works for me.

Rasps, I've tried a couple different kinds and so far the Bellota and SavEdge ones last the best for me. One thing to make sure of is that you get a screw on handle, I don't know how but I ended up with a drive on handle at first and my rasp kept falling out ( that's how I ended up with material for my clinch block)

Nippers, I've got a pair of diamonds but you have to make sure you get the ones with the thin jaws. They have two styles that I've seen and one has a jaw so thick it will hinder you trying to use it.

Knives, I've got a handfull because I can't find one I like. I think it's just preference with them. I probably would have been cheaper to just get one made with all the money I've put out on them over the last year.

Tongs are home made, someone on here did a good tutorial on how to make them.

Shoeing box, also home made also got the plans from a member on here. Not the best there is but it works until I can afford a better one. I have a hard time posting links to other threads on here so if you look in the "Farriers Helping Farriers Fabricate Tools" forum and find a thread titled "tools" by andrew belcher post #44 has the plans for the shoeing box. There is also a lot of good advice about tools there and some good recommendations for shoes for you.

That forum also has a couple of other good threads that may help you with fabricating some of your tools. You asked about using a welder on another thread so I'm guessing you have a welder and the skill to use it. If so, you can also make your own anvil stand.

Hope this helps
David H. Van Hook
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RE:Prospective Farrier - Plans and Thoughts 11 Nov 2009 13:09 #32

  • GregTrem
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Thanks David, it surely does! :)
Greg Tremblay
Harford NY
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RE:Prospective Farrier - Plans and Thoughts 16 Nov 2009 06:13 #33

  • Clint Burrell
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Mr. Greg,
Quick question. Do you currently have a decent/good job? If yes, then my question is....DID YOU FALL AND HIT YOUR HEAD!? :D

Sorry, I ask the same thing to everyone that says they want to shoe horses, or ride bareback horses, saddle broncs, bulls,........:p
Clint Burrell

"You say your from collage,
but you don't seem to bright.
You just brought a swichblade
to a pistol fight"
Move On by Chris Knight
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RE:Prospective Farrier - Plans and Thoughts 16 Nov 2009 06:23 #34

  • halfmiler
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clint,something has to be said about a man who works with his head lower than his ass :D
“Some people have told me they don't think a fat penguin really embodies the grace of Linux, which just tells me they have never seen a angry penguin charging at them in excess of 100 mph.” Linus Torvalds
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RE:Prospective Farrier - Plans and Thoughts 16 Nov 2009 13:55 #35

  • GregTrem
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Mr. Clint,

Well, I might've hit my head. . . I don't really recall much from. .
uhh. .

Howdy Mr. Clint! I dunno, I think I might've hit my head. . . I was just. .
what were we .. .?

Oh, hey there Clint. I . . . what was the question again?

Well, right this very minute I'm making my living as a digital janitor. Sorry, network administrator. See, it sounds lame when I say it out loud. "Oh look, another desk jockey thinks he wants to make a living under a horse" . . . dunno, maybe I am but then again, maybe it just is me finally finding my way. Nothing tried in earnest is ever a waste as they say. *nods*

But come to think of it. . . my mom does have a lot of photos of me as a child with bandages on my head.
Greg Tremblay
Harford NY
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