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Red Amor
23 Aug 2011 05:30
I have used copper sulphate ever since I first got into Farriery
Its use and advantages taught to Me by Dow Paterson Fergus of Duskey forge loop knives , formally Pinehurst forge loop knives
Have I ever mentioned the Duskey forge loop knives abd there great advantage to the Farrier?:p
The duskey forge loop knife ie long shanked vet searcher and copper sulphate are two of the best tools in my kit in treating seedy toe thrush mud fever greasy heel used properly there fantastic
We used to get it in a fine powder about $8 for 500 grams
its now hard to get in this refined form and comes in the crystal form at the consistency of rough grained raw sugar
this i don't like as much as its harder to pore and doesn't pack down as well as the finner powder
but still its copper salphate and still a great tool
the beauty of packing with C/S is that its treating the problem for you in between visits something most owners arent up to or want to know about
25 Aug 2011 03:36
Dogwood Forge wrote:
I put the powder into one of those squeezable condiment bottles and it makes it easy to apply.

I do this too but I think Im going to stop. It really blows a lot of cs dust into the air. I usually hold my breath. The other day I must have forgot I breathed in what seemed like a full breath of dust. I didnt seem to have any bad reaction to it. I felt slightly uncomfortable for about 20 mins. Could have been in my head but I would rather not breath it in regularly like that.
brian robertson
25 Aug 2011 12:11
Well, atleast no thrush in your airways.
Jay Mickle
26 Aug 2011 01:27
khfs wrote:
I mix copper sulphate with Keretex Hoof Putty and pack it in debrided out cracks on the solar surface of the foot. Stays in until the next trim whether barefoot or shod. You can see a stain in the hoof wall where the copper sulphate leached into the surrounding area.

Similarly, I put crystals in debrided cracks then seal with Keratex Hoof Putty.
Under Equipak I sprinkle copper sulphate in the sulci prior to application.