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TOPIC: Health Care

RE:Health Care 08 Dec 2009 18:58 #391

  • SlowShoe
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RE:Health Care 08 Dec 2009 20:27 #392

Mike Ferrara wrote:
I don't think there are enough Amish for it to be a problem but I have another one or two that maybe someone can speak to.

As it is now, I'm not wealthy and I don't have health insurance. When I see a doc, I pay. If I can't pay, I do without. I'm not asking you or the government for anything. I could use a new set of teeth but the truck is getting a $1500 repair (that was my teeth and I need a roof). If I were to become seriously ill, I may very well decide to not seek treatment and leave that money for my family. Hey, you live how you want and I'll live how I want. ooops, I forgot, they aren't going to let us do that anymore.

Both the House and Senate bills MANDATE that individuals buy insurance and they're going to tell you what kind. Long before I ever get sick, the money is spent and gone regardless of how I would like to plan my finances and estate. If I never get sick, the money's gone anyway and my family is still deprived of it.

There are other related issues. The sort of insurance that a young, strong, healthy person might want may very well be completely different than what an older person might want. That choice is going away because the government has decided for you what you should want and what you WILL buy.

Personally, I'd like an affordable major medical (high deductable) policy but what is all this preventative stuff? Are people just hanging out at the docs office these days, or what? I don't need or want insurance for routine stuff. I have car insurance but it doesn't cover oil changes...but what I want isn't going to matter if one of these bills pass into law.
I don't know if I am right??; but from what I gather is this:

1. If happy with your health plan; keep it. No changes involved.

2. All small businesses will have to offer a health cover to all employees.

3. If you can't find affortable health care; then you must accept coverage of yourself on the public option.

4. If you can't do the above; then a 2.5 percent tax will be levied against your Gross wages of that year that you worked.

5. Exceptions, I do believe are: if you make under the $3000 as it is in our tax code; you don't have to pay any income tax. But there will be an audit for the last 7 year wages to get an average of what you would normally make; and from that average; you will be given a surcharge of 2.5 percent taxed to be forfeited to the public option care in your name under your SSI#. You will then be taxed that amount for the next tax year; and adjust to any wage increase to the following year.

6. Meaning: all citizens will have to have health care coverage; no exceptions.

Linda Muggleworth

PS. Mike,
there is over 140,000 old-order and new order Amish in this country and over 1+ million ultra conservative Mennonites, not including the Brethen, Hitites, Quakers, and other Ana-baptists in this country.
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RE:Health Care 10 Dec 2009 00:55 #393

  • Rick Burten
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ladyblacksmith wrote:
6. Meaning: all citizens will have to have health care coverage; no exceptions..
Not quite. Under the currect proposed legislation, there is going to be % of people(excluding the illegals) who will not be covered.

And, who do you think is going to pay for this bureaucratic boondoggle? Surely you dont believe that taxes won't go up? How is the government going to slash 500 billion from medicaid and then allow a whole new group of people(the 55 and over crowd) to be eligible? Surely you don't believe that the "buy-in" that is proposed is going to come anywhere near meeting the costs this new group will incur. Do you really believe that, under this proposed legislation, your health care won't be rationed? Does it not worry you that you will be placing the decisions for your health care not in the hands of qualified doctors, but instead, in the hands of some government functionary who hasn't the slightest idea of your health care needs? Does it not bother you that you will be taxed to pay for this government functionary's salary and benefits?

If these things and all the other things that are wrong with the proposed legislation do not bother or concern you then I suggest you buy a lifetime supply of petroleum jelly because otherwise it is really going to hurt when you get the big green weenie.

And, remember, when the government is done screwing you, they ain't gonna kiss you. And for that kind of screwing, don't 'cha at least deserve a kiss?

Rick Burten PF

In the immortal words of Ron White: "But let me tell you something, folks: You can't fix S-tupid. There's not a pill you can take; there's not a class you can go to. S-tupid is forever."

Je pense donc je suis
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RE:Health Care 11 Dec 2009 06:08 #394

Oh so true, Rick! Now that is what I call "TRANSPARENCY"!!!

The big green weenie!!! LMAO!!! Didn't take 2000+
pages for you to explain how it was really gonna work!!!!!

Bob Guyon JR.
Lakeside, CA

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Now lets the rest of us go on to Montana." -Augustus McCrae
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RE:Health Care 16 Dec 2009 10:00 #395

  • tbloomer
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In Case You Missed It: Health Care Reform Must Lower Costs
The Dallas Morning News
By U.S. Sen John Cornyn

The following Op-Ed ran in The Dallas Morning News
In the Senate debate over health care reform, our priority should be to lower costs for American families and small businesses. At one time, there appeared to be broad bipartisan consensus on this goal. Yet the bill on the floor of the Senate will actually increase costs throughout the system, specifically for those who purchase health insurance on their own
Early in the health care debate, lowering premiums seemed to be a top priority in Washington. As a candidate, President Obama had made a "solemn pledge" that health care reform would cut a typical family's premiums by up to $2,500 a year. By this fall, however, he had lowered the bar. In a big speech before Congress, he claimed that his plan would merely "slow the growth" in health care costs, not reduce costs.

President Obama may have lowered the bar, but Congress still can't clear it. The ill-conceived bill on the floor of the Senate would raise taxes, cut Medicare and cost $2.5 trillion in the first 10 years of implementation. Perhaps worst of all, the Senate bill would increase health care premiums for millions of American families and small businesses.

Several independent studies confirm this. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that families who buy coverage on their own would see their premiums rise by up to $2,100 a year and that up to 10 million Americans would lose their employer-based coverage altogether. Another comprehensive study estimates that the costs of individual coverage would be 54 percent higher with the Senate bill than without it, including 61 percent higher in Texas.

Premiums would rise in part because the Senate bill would force workers to buy more expensive policies. Many workers, for example, currently choose to buy lower cost policies that cover catastrophic care but would no longer be available under new Washington mandates. The Urban Institute estimates that these mandates could force singles to pay more than $1,000 a year in additional higher premiums.

Premiums would also rise because the Senate bill creates perverse incentives for healthy individuals to wait until they get sick to buy coverage. New York and New Jersey experimented with similar rules. In both states, premiums skyrocketed and many health insurers left the market altogether.

Higher taxes in the Senate bill would also increase the cost of private insurance. Private plans would be subject to excise taxes of nearly $150 billion, and the health care industry would absorb more than $100 billion in new taxes and fees. Many of these taxes and fees would be passed along directly to the consumers in the form of higher premiums.

Finally, premiums would increase because of additional cost-shifting from the Medicaid program. Medicaid currently reimburses providers at very low rates, which is why 38 percent of doctors in the Dallas area won't see Medicaid patients. Those who do accept Medicaid make up the difference by charging more to those with private insurance. The Senate bill would increase this cost-shifting by forcing an additional 15 million Americans into Medicaid, including 2.4 million here in Texas.

I believe we should reject this Senate bill and return to our original goal of lowering health care premiums. We can do that by expanding competition in the insurance market and allow the purchase of policies across state lines. We can encourage small businesses to buy insurance together, so they can command the same purchasing power as large corporations. We can reduce the costly practice of defensive medicine, by enacting lawsuit reforms similar to those we've adopted in Texas.

These ideas would find bipartisan support in Washington, and deliver lower insurance premiums to millions of Americans.

Republican John Cornyn represents Texas in the U.S. Senate. He may be contacted through
Tom Bloomer

Here's the deal. I'm trying to keep it simple.
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