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Thursday October 6, 2022


What is on my mind ? Honestly I am in awe of the "New Horseshoe'" Steve you and your crews have taken this into cyber space. Your the Captain Kirk or perhaps Picard Of this ship.
I may never be "DATA" but I can still appreciate a job well done.
I think Baron would be proud of the advances made to his "Baby".
myu 2 cents worth
Bruce Matthews

About Me

Basic Information

About me
Founder of Vermont Farriers association
Video for sale on "How to make your draft or horse stand quiet for the farrier or vet."
Clinics on teaching farriers and horse owners how to keep their horses/mules/drafts quiet to work on their hooves and to teach them to stand quiet for the farrier.
40 years shoeing horses
My instructor was a student of "Buster Conklin" Cornell resident Farrier (40 years ago).
Moved from Hyde Park Vermont to Alvin Texas.

Contact Information

Mobile phone
751 county road 146 Alvin Texas 77511
City / Town
United States

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  • vthorseshoe thanks user 'dgrimwoo' in the forum message ' Concession Doors'.
    kunena.thankyou 3554 days ago
  • vthorseshoe created a new topic ' is alive or has it passed on ?' in the forum.
    so what is the news ? is this site surviving or is it fizzleing out ?
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  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'Farrier Contest Video' in the forum.
    Josh this is just awesome and it made my heart feel good when i see so many participants and the folks who WORK to make the VtFA what is and keep it going in the direction I had visioned when i started the association so many years ago.You video is an oputstanding addition to promoting the very best farrier association in the northeast. Thankyou Bruce B. Matthews Founder of the VtFA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. my 2 cents worth
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  • friends vthorseshoe and Ray_Knightley are now friends
  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'very few on the forum' in the forum.
    Like the rest of you I have had such a busy summer and fall, now its winter and I am still working my arse off. Winter here in this part of Texas is like fall for me in Vermont, I love it... I have spent a lot of time getting my forge set up, (my forge shop-hence "forge") and actually shod two drafts that were brought down from northern Texas for me to do. The slow part is getting Sharon's son and ex to get on the stick and do the electrical so we can have lights. I went out today and bought me a shop flouresent light that has a plug on the end so I can run an extrension cord. They have had over 3 months to get it started and they never show up. If they aren't started with it by Xmas I am going to hire an electrician to come in and get my side wired so i can go to work in the eveniongs. I doubt if it will mean squat to them for "Lazy" or put it off till tomorrow seems to be their motto they live by on this farm. I tore down the remnants of what was left of the garage and the well house a while back and have finished framing the new well house in and putting the roof on (minus the corrigated tin), and Sharons other son hads after all this time come around to assist this very day. But i got him to say yes to putting on the tin when we buy it. I will sit back with a cold beer and watch him as he has with me.... Yea right... I got a 6 months clean bill of health from my doctor at the VA last week. Everything was within the peramiters of acceptance on the list of things they were watching. Yee Haw !! I feel so bad for Steve. Here he invested in this site and it has been one pitfall after another for him from the beginning. Alex seems to be a shining light in his corner and a blessed one she is. I do hope it all comes together for I also miss my Horseshoe's time. It was always a pleasant break and a time to learn so much from others. Business is good, I have turned away about 20 customers this last two months and have only accepted ones that will fit into my schedule and are close to home and are owned by intelligent people. I don't have the urge or the desire to work with wanna bee's or owners who don't know how to control or handle their animals. My days of teaching the unlearned have come to an end !! I amn busier than I even wanted to be, but I am enjoying myself. Hello to all and Cody and Rick, I will be in touch with you both around Christmas time. Bruce
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  • Have you had x-rays taken to see what condition P-3 is in ? my 2 cents worth ;)
    Read More... 3619 days ago
  • Try Jacks suggestions. He is an endurance rider as well as a professional farrier and has experience beyond most. (or was that years beyond most Jack ?) As far as Tom B. being an "ASS" , does that clarify as a Jack ass or a horse's ass ? Tom is very tech minded and Tom is Tom. Take him or leave him. I like him because he doesn't mince words even though at times others, mostly new comers don't know how to take him. Clint, I know there is what many consider a right approach and what many of us look at as a wrong approach, especially when someone is sincerely looking for help. This being an open forum, folks have to be prepared for all sorts of answers and manners of responces. I know this topic has been addressed here before and the general concensus was what I wrote above. just my 2 cents worth
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  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'NEW FARRIERS READ AND THINK ABOUT MY WORDS' in the forum.
    Rachael, the key is to balance your time between both. Your young and have a life time to grow your business, and I am sure you will. Bruce
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  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'Concession Doors' in the forum.
    Post how it turns out and the approx. cost cause i may want to do it to my utility trailer in the very bear future. Also p[ost pictures so we can see. Bruce
    Read More... 3638 days ago
  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'New in Final Development stages' in the forum.
    I am pleased to have read all the above Alex. I have been busy building and getting my forging shop ready to put into service. I am putting together a trailer, (utility type) to haul my hand made items around to trade fairs and such for sale. I promised two belt buckles to the two winners. Rick B. and Cody G. They will be soon in the making. I told them with all going on it would be around Xmas time when i will have them made. I am having electricity put into my shop this month so will be in there hammering and fabricating before long. Frankly I have missed not being on Horseshoe's, but i have also not been on either. Just too much here on the farm keeping this old man going from sun up to sun down. Thankyou for all the hard work you have been doing. Bruce
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  • vthorseshoe created a new topic ' NEW FARRIERS READ AND THINK ABOUT MY WORDS' in the forum.
    With all the new farriers on this forum now, I am once again posting a poem I wrote after my wife passed away. I hope they will read it and take my words to heart. It is a great business but we need to temper enthusiasm and drive with a sense of family. Life has moved on for me, but on October 30th i still think of how I could have been more attenative to my wife. Bruce Matthews 43 years farrier retired. I wrote this poem 7 yrs ago, and have re-posted it once a year ever since. I hope the words and sentiment help you realize work is important but if your married, your family needs your attention daily, October 30th 2004 my wife passed away with COPD, 7 yrs. later I still read this poem on the anniversary of her passing. Don't let shoeing occupy all your time ----- In the yr. of 71 My wife and I partnered a dream My life off the road had just begun A full-time career, not a part-time scheme. We worked out the problems We worked side by side As a new problem developed The harder we tried. As the yrs. began to pass Our efforts began to show The days piled on I was always on the go. I would call her at the end of each and every day $500.00 in my pocket and on my way home "We'll take it" were the words I"d hear her say. As I hung up the phone. Somehow the horses and the shoeing took over Our time grew shorter when we were together Clinics and lectures and demos and work Time with my wife was soon slim to never Too late to change my constant horseshoeing endeavors Alone I sit with my thoughts and my tears Long winter days and cold windy weather I long for her company and and her body so near I am told that it gets easier as time moves along A yr, maybe two and the emptiness will ease The minutes have become years and the years look so long My heart is so heavy and my tears just won't cease Why can't we see ahead instead of looking back Slow down and value the ones in your life A hug and a kiss, a soft gentle touch never should you lack For no horses or $'s can match the companionship of your wife my 2 cents worth "you may not like what I say" ! -but- "you'll never have any doubts where I stand quote Cindy Matthews 1948-2006
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  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'can/does low hind heel cause back/hip soreness' in the forum.
    Take the heels off you boots and walk around all day that way. The next morning come back on here and tell us if your hips and back hurt....
    Read More... 3665 days ago
  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 're: advice finally taken (Bruce)' in the forum.
    Your welcome..... Happy trails !!!!!!
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  • vthorseshoe thanks user 'seminolewind' in the forum message ' re: advice finally taken (Bruce)'.
    kunena.thankyou 3669 days ago
  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic 'Software, cookies, and all the usual gremlins' in the forum.
    Steve, I just popped in to see what was going on with the folks and the site. I haven't been on the computer much in the last couple of months because I am building a blacksmith shop for myself and others in the area to visit and use. I am sorry this site has been such a head ache for you and the site over the past year, but i know you and Alex will find success down the road. You have a great product here and it is so benificial for those who will take the time to read its contents and suggestions by some of the best farriers around. Hang in there everythiong good comes to those who wait. I will be posting again soo and new poetry also. just needed a break from the computer for a while. Also the two buckles will be coming along soon as it is begining to cool down here in Texas. Bruce Matthews Southeast Texas Drafthorse Shoeing
    Read More... 3673 days ago
  • vthorseshoe replied to the topic Re: Hot Humid summer in Texas... in the forum.
    Hi Jack and Rick....

    Thankyou for the Birthday wishes and I see yours is tomorrow also.
    Happy Birthday to you as well !!

    my 2 cents worth
    Read More... 3692 days ago

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