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Saturday August 13, 2022
George Geist


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  • George Geist thanks user 'George Geist' in the forum message ' Re: is there anything useful for a farrier to learn from barefooters?'.
    kunena.thankyou 2188 days ago
  • In response to your question-no.
    They have nothing worthwhile to contribute to anything being barely able to do the work of a first week apprentice.
    Sorry folks, I'm not impressed.

    I will grant them one thing they have done that's been a positive is they've gotten owners to tighten up on the scheduling a little bit.
    Ideally horses should get hoof care about once a month. We really stretch it to the breaking point at 6 weeks. If we tried to do them on a more timely schedule we'd be run out of town on a rail accused of robbing people.

    Trimmers incorporated shorter intervals into their extensive line of bull****** and it worked. That's about the only noteworthy accomplishment of ant of them though.
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  • George Geist replied to the topic 'Rescue critters' in the forum.
    Quote: Thats a good scam Jack. My problem here is within a 20 mile radius of my home there are 3 so called rescue's They each have about 30 to 40 horses ponies and donkey's Not one of them is larger then 4 acres. I drive by these places daily and all i see is a bunch of horses out in a small paddock figthing over a round bale. most of them are ribby, and not because they got them that way , they have had them for months. And all i hear is them begging for donations of money. feed,blankets ect. IMO it's no life for these animals , and they would be better off if they were put to sleep. They've popped up everywhere Dave. Can't say I've ever dealt with one that wasn't a whacko so I tend to avoid them. George
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  • George Geist replied to the topic 'Hello from Quebec ! New pictures of Fay' in the forum.
    You still have her in handmade French Hinds with masselottes? George
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  • George Geist created a new topic Pari-Mutual Barrel Racing? WT F????? in the forum.
    Anybody following this BS going on in Florida?
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  • George Geist created a new topic Hope for Drug Free Racing in the forum.
    See link
    Is going to be a long uphill fight. Those who would like to get things back to the way they oughta be should give these people your support.
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  • George Geist replied to the topic Re: Plan to bring Smitty 88 to USA for clinic in the forum.
    vthorseshoe wrote:
    Ray, In all honesty, other than on this board who here has seen or heard of Smitty or his work ?

    To make it worth the cost and expense, you will have to get some big names behind him and I would imagine a lot of advertising.

    Ida Gates did this for David Farmilo when he came over but he also had his ruler and a system of trimming that they promoted and then he sold his humorus book at the clinics. No one has seen or heard much of him since.

    To all of us on here Smitty's work is outstanding, but without someone to not only sponsor him but to promote him all over the USA would it be cost effective ?

    Can you get Margareite Page to take an interest ?
    Or how about getting Fran Jurga to do some write ups about Smitty and his work in Ireland ?

    You know Talking to Craig Trnka and having Smitty put on a forgeing demonstration along with shoeing afterwards might be the key here.... Talk with Craig and see if that isn't the route to go. It would be the quickest and best way to get Smitty known around the farriers ..... By golly I think that is the answer Ray.

    Unless you yourself are planning on bringing him over for a visit and a few clinics ?

    Fill us in on what your thinking....What kind of a game plan are you tossing around in your head ?

    my 2 cents worth

    Good ideas you have Bruce.
    Most of the talk right now has been over on the other website.
    It's going to be a fun deal.
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  • George Geist created a new topic Chevrolet????? in the forum.
    Anybody see this one yet?

    This stuff just plain sucks guys

    May all multinationals die a painful death!
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  • George Geist replied to the topic Re: update on heart condition in the forum.
    Welcome back Bruce!
    God Bless you Buddy
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  • George Geist replied to the topic Re: "plastic" shoes in the forum.
    SilverFoot wrote:

    I'm thinking about switching over to a plastic shoe. I'll admit I'm one of those neurotic clients who is constantly worrying about my horse's feet and soundness. It's because I've had a bad experience in the past with my first horse who went mysteriously lame and it was foot-related. Long long story.

    That horse has nothing to do with the horse you're talking about now right? Disregard anything having to do with that horse.

    Anyway, my current riding horse is doing fine and not having any particular issue.
    Ok, let's stop right there. That speaks volumes. Your horse is fine and your shoer is doing a good job.
    He's in 4 steel shoes. He has upright-walls, thin-ish. He's a lusitano and I've been told he has "4 nice hind feet".
    And this is a problem because? Horses feet look like what they look like. Just because they don't match a picture in a textbook doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them.
    But I'm thinking about switching to a plastic shoe because they are lighter and also they have the ability to flex a little and might help with concussion. I ride dressage mid-high level I would say. Well my trainer has shown him 4th level. I do about 50% ring work and 50% out on the trails/hills conditioning. I live in New Hampshire. He works 5 days a week minimum.
    Quite the contrary. Plastic shoes tend to increase concussion on pavement whilst giving much less traction up to and including dangerous slipping on grass or wet ground. They do flex yes, but that is deletirious when the horse needs the rigidity of the shoe often resulting in collapsed hoofwalls. They also tend to be very difficult to shed dirt from under or to pick out properly causing stones and debris to become trapped beneath them. This causes thrush, stone bruises, abscesses etc etc.

    First of all I am slightly worried that plastic shoes have not been around that long and I'm worried they might somehow harm my horse long term.
    Plastic has been around about as long as there has been plastic and rubber. I have ads for them in a Blacksmith's Journal Magazine here dated 1928.They come around in about 20 year cycles pretty regularly (kinda like locusts) They are talked about in Care and Training of the Trotter and Pacer as Harness Horsemen were screwing around with them a bit back in the '60s. Next wave of new and improved ones came around in the '80s (flex-step, coxton etc) when your's truly made all his foolish mistakes with them. Is nothing new about any of them.
    Second, there are so many brands out there I'm not sure which would work the best. I am leaning towards the NB equiflex. Third, my farrier only has experience with ground control plastic shoes and from what I saw on-line it didn't look like they would be very safe on any kind of wet grass (my horse has a 10 acre pasture with a big hill on it). I don't want too much grip. I'm not an eventer. But it sounded like these were more slippery than the other brands.
    See above. Plastic is plastic. They're all the same. They're marketing is aimed at horse owners. That ought to raise a red flag right there.

    Do I need a farrier who is experienced with say eponas or equiflex in order to safely use that product? Am I totally crazy for wanting to try a plastic shoe? What do farriers think of plastic shoes? Be brutally honest because my horse's soundness is my number one concern and I don't want to do something that would compromise that.
    You need a guy who is experienced at shoeing horses and not chasing fads and gimmicks. Lack of ability tends to really weigh down a lot of folks trucks. You shouldn't want to be straying away from something that's working fine as is. When folks rave about the success they have with plastic it's because it's a bar shoe. If a horse needs a bar shoe give him one. He'll do as well if not better than anything made of plastic. Most of us hate them for reasons I've said and more. In my candid opinion their trash which tend to be popular amongst those with no forging ability.
    Honest enough for you?
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  • Peters Shoeing wrote:
    How do you handle clients who tell you someone else will pay, send an invoice to so and so? Imagine this happened AFTER you did your services? Would you make a stink or try to invoice and save face?

    It really just depends. Sometimes trainers will have you bill their owners. It's not something most folks like doing but is sometimes necessary depending on the situation.

    I keep hearing that a lot of people invoice? Do you? Why or why not?

    Not anymore. Is a PITA for one thing, tends to accomodate your least common denominator people. Big barns it was an unfortunate fact of life but with the ease of getting into credit cards now is really no more need for anybody to be doing it anymore.

    How do you guys handle barn owners or trainers paying your bill and then charging the client more than your rate? $10 more doesnt sound like much, what about $20.

    Thats a dirty little secret of this industry. It's called barn politics. By guys willingness to pay kickbacks or let barn proprietors profit off of horseshoer sweat, lands many guys lucrative accounts or enables them to keep them.
    It's BS guys! Don't freaking do it! For especially the young guys out there don't go down that road. It's a huge mistake you'll regret almost immediately.
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  • Paddy wrote:

    Basically now the french lawmakers have ammended their rural code, so that aside from vets only farriers qualified to level 5 diploma can trim equids feet.

    Well, the french are a very protectionist lot indeed!, and they have done something about it. The french veterinarians backed them.

    I wonder how this example will follow itself around the Eurozone?.

    P J Falvey CF
    That's excellent news! Best thing I've heard come out of that country. Hopefully more countries will follow their progressive lead
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  • kunena.thankyou 3797 days ago
  • George Geist replied to the topic Re: Happy Birthday Bob Pethick in the forum.
    Happy Birthday Bob!

    Hope you had a good one buddy
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  • George Geist replied to the topic Re: Re: Aapf in the forum.
    If you were there during the term of Quinsey/Trnka that was when they tried it. They didn't get enough names to make for a decent church service so I can't blame them for not wanting to revisit that issue.

    Check out They are a good organization. Good people, nice magazines, cheap dues. No BS internal bickering. Call their 800# and get a quote for insurance. You can have automatic deductions from your bank account if you want. Medical Plan is from Transamerica. Is best deal I've been able to find.
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