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Intern Classification Farrier. An AFA recognition for student and novice farriers. The ICF examination is similar in format to the CF exam, but has longer time limits and no forge work. Sub-passing scores on the CF exam may be accepted as part of the ICF exam. The ICF level is not considered to be an AFA certification proper.
Used is some European smithies to describe a farrier whose status within the trade is between that of an apprentice and a journeyman.
(1) To fold or lock together, as when the fingers of one hand are laced between those of the other. This term describes the manner in which the horny and sensitive laminae interlock within the hoof. (2) Specifically, collision between paired legs.
When a horse strikes one foot with the other.
One who completes a specified academic requirement, then embarks on a formal apprenticeship. Spelled "interne" as a verb.
In the glass. Describes an experiment or procedure done outside of the animal's body, often in a test tube or petri dish.
[Ango-Saxon iren or isen; Sanskrit ayas]: (1) A metallic, electroconductive element. Atomic number 26. Atomic weight 55.847. (2) Wrought iron was a common form of impure iron with a fibrous structure. It was workable cold, resisted burning, and forge welded easily. (3) Mild steel, which has replaced wrought iron in general use, is often called iron.
Lack of oxygenated blood flow to the tissues.
Suffix meaning inflammation or disease.
International Union of Journeyman Horseshoers. A farrier trade union started in 1874 as the Journeyman Horseshoers National Union. The name was changed to its current form in 1893. In 1934 the primary emphasis of the IUJH shifted from draft horses to track horse shoeing. a.k.a: JHU; Platers Union.