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How To Stop A Rumor

Written by Linda
Category: Humor
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There was nothing more that gave my farrier pleasure than to be able to spin the most ridiculous yarn, swearing it was true and seeing just how far it would travel.

Two elderly spinster sisters were clients of his. He recommended a friend of his who had just moved into the area and was floating teeth. The conversation went as follows:

"Well, the vet had awful problems doing them last year - they don't like the vet."

"This chap is very good and he isn't a vet."

"You know that neither of these two were good with the farrier before you started to shoe them."

"This chap is not a farrier."

"And you know that neither of them really like men at all."

"That's all right, this chap is not a REAL man, that is why we call him the Tooth Fairy."

The ponies teeth were duly rasped and on his next visit the farrier asked how they had got on. "Oh, he was such a nice man. The ponies were so good I am sure that they knew."

The rumor flew round that the new Equine Dentist was a 'Tooth Fairy' much to the amusement of the farrier - who just added a little more fuel to the fire with innuendoes every now and then. The time came when both were in the same barn at the same time. The farrier stopped shoeing and stood to greet the Tooth Fairy. He held out his hand, but instead of taking the proffered hand the Tooth Fairy hugged the farrier and proceeded to give him a real kiss on the lips, with everyone watching! Never have I seen him speechless before or since.

The rumor was ended.