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by Cherry Hill and Richard Klimesh, CJF
The Howell Equestrian Library
Cost: $30.00

If you've been around horses for any period of time, you've probably heard of this book. It is without a doubt one of the most referred-to books on the subject of hoofcare and farriery to be published in the past 20 years.

Comprehensive in nature, yet written in terms the layman and new horse owner can easily understand, Maximum Hoof Power is a must for every equestrian's library. Simply looking through the titles of the chapters tells it all:

  • Shoeing Demystified
    • Old Mare's Tales
    • Your Questions Answered
    • Foot Works
    • To Shoe or Not to Shoe
    • The Shoeing Process
    • If the Shoe Fits...
  • Movement and Performance
    • Freeze Frame
    • Factors that Affect Movement and Performance
    • Dealing with Gait Defects
    • Shoeing for Your Event
    • Common Problems
    • Training Your Horse For Shoeing
    • Foal Hoof Management
    • Horsekeeping
    • The Lost Shoe Dilemma
    • Teamwork

The illustrations and photographs are excellent. There are checklists, special information boxes, and even hints on what to do in "emergency" situations until your farrier can arrive on the scene and put things right.

I'll repeat what I said at the beginning of this review: Every horse owner should own a copy of this book. (And read it.....)

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Join Up with Monty Roberts

By Monty Roberts
Flag is Up Farms
Box 86
Solvang, California, 93464 USA
805-688-4382, fax: 805-688-9709
call for cost

"Join Up" is a very informative instructional video. Monty Roberts obviously is a Master horseman, and knows his stuff. As Tennessee Walking Horse trainers, we have been using a very similar method of "joining up" for both young and old horses. We've found it to be very effective in gaining trust and cooperation in our animals.

"It seems like magic, but it is sheer horsemanship." - Horse and Hound

"Magical Monty, a Dr. Doolittle" in the racing world." - Daily Star

"Seeing is believing." - Cavan Leader

From the video jacket: "... instead of using conventional procedures, Monty persuades an unbroken horse to accept a saddle, bridle and rider in approximately 30 minutes or less without pain or fear, something traditionalists view as impossible. The goal is to create a foundation of trust and instill an understanding of what behavior man desires from the young animal that will carry him throughout his life."

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Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disorders of the Horse, Volume One

By Ronald J. Riegel, D.V.M and Susan E. Hakola, B.S., R.N., C.M.I.
published by Equistar Publications, Ltd.

Although the title indicates this atlas covers the whole horse, it is Volume One of a two-volume series. This volume is dedicated mainly to the leg and hoof. Of the 16 chapters, 14 are directed at the structures from the shoulder down.

Thorough doesn't even begin to adequately describe this atlas. It begins with Concepts and Technologies, moves through Conformation, The Shoulder, The Upper Arm/Forearm, on to The Carpus and the Metacarpus, and so on. Step by step, building on the knowledge of each previous chapter, you eventually reach The Forefoot, The Stifle Joint, and all the other leg structures. There are even chapters on Navicular Syndrome and Laminitis.

No review of this atlas would be complete with mentioning the illustrations. It's impossible to describe them and do them justice. I was tempted to rip out each page of the atlas, trim the ragged edge, and frame each page. The color, precision, and attention to detail are remarkable.

If every farrier were restricted to owning only five books related to farriery, this atlas should absolutely be among those five.

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Color Atlas of the Horses's Hoof

By Chris Pollitt, BVSc, PhD
available from Centaur Forge
hardcover, 208 pages, illustrated, $100 + s&h
Reviewed by David Millwater

Dr. Christopher Pollitt's association with the Equine Medicine School of Veterinary Science in Australia apparently exposes him to a wider array of hoof and leg injuries and maladies than most farriers and vets will ever see will ever see (fortunately!). He also happens to be an excellent photographer. Put those two aspects together and you get the Color Atlas of the Horse's Foot, a collection of hundreds of full-color, highly detailed images from Dr. Pollitt's archives.

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Buying A Horse From The Hoof Up

This tape would make the perfect gift for every horse owner, troche or horse owner to be. Every farrier wishes their customers would only purchase horses which had "perfect" hooves. Life would be so much easier. But the reality is that "perfect" hooves are not that common. This video educates prospective buyers as to what to look for, and what to avoid.

John Halko, a professional farrier for more than 20 years, carefully guides you through various hoof conformations, using a literal stable full of horses. As John so aptly points out, there is a lot of "gray" when deciding if certain conformations affect your decision to purchase a particular horse. Some hoof conformations rule out a horse being used for certain purposes, but are perfectly fine for other uses. You must know what you will be using a horse for, before you make the examination.

An excellent tape, and one that I would recommend to any horse person.

With John Halko, produced by 3 Horse Enterprises, Inc.
reviewed by Baron Tayler

$29.95 (incl. S&H)

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When the Body Says Ouch! Identifying Pain in the Performance Horse - Part 1: Standing

Dr. Henneman is a veterinarian who specializes in alternative therapies -- chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathy -- for performance horses. She works on horses in more than half a dozen states, is a consultant to The Whole Horse Journal.

This video describes the early signs of pain and stress that precede breakdowns. For that reason, it can be a tremendous aid to farriers (as well as observant horse owners).

Dr. Henneman starts off by defining the types of forces involved:

  • tension is illustrated by using a rubber band
  • compression is illustrated by using marshmallows
  • torque is illustrated by comparing celery stalks to onion stalks
  • shear is illustrated by two boxes, then by the action of horse's teeth

If you have any trouble understanding these concepts, the video presentation will make them perfectly clear and understandable.

The difference between conformation and posture is defined. Conformation is permanent, but posture can and does change in response to pain. She points out the importance of proper posture -- that bones "stacked" like interlocking soup cans are very stable and strong, while bones that are held in poor posture are continually under stress, unstable, and predispose the horse to breakdowns.

Next, Dr. Henneman explains proper and improper posture of the horse in practical terms, from head to tail. First the teeth and jaw: how the teeth grow, where they are located, the significance of canine and wolf teeth, how the horse chews, what TMJ is and how it affects the horse.

Then the neck: its anatomy, bones, muscles, workings and problem signs and areas. The neck is followed by saddle fit and function, then the lower back and hind end.

This video is a wonderful overview of the bones, muscles, function and biomechanics of the horse's body. I highly recommend it for all farriers (and horse owners serious about their horse's health). Part 2, due out in 1998, will deal with the horse in motion.

by Kim Henneman, DVM
Choices in Health
6337 S. Highland Drive #334
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 USA
(435) 647-0807
65 minutes, $49.95 plus shipping
Reviewed by Henry Heymering, RJF.

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