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TOPIC: CYTEK, are you kidding me??????

Re: CYTEK, are you kidding me?????? 08 Feb 2012 01:43 #16

  • chris bunting
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one of the major problems with cytec is the lack of understanding of the actual shoe itself . it covers the sole of the foot , this cuts out daylight which prevents growth ,there is also a cavity left for the storage of cutters and a rasp for the self trimming although it has been known for some cytec farriers to use this void for storage of chewing gum . the nailholes are unique in that they are self adjusting to any size nail from an E2 to an E12 depending on what you have available (great for getting rid of old/bad stock ).it has been proven over the years that cytec is consistent with its quality and abilities on the equine digit .
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Re: CYTEK, are you kidding me?????? 08 Feb 2012 12:30 #17

  • aspencreek
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maybe you are right, Chris! you won me over with the gum storage! who doesn't need gum storage :P
Jen Pretty
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Re: CYTEK, are you kidding me?????? 12 Feb 2012 18:03 #18

I read the site a bit. Its not a problem that you cannot shape the shoe.

(from the Cytek FAQ's)

"You can’t alter a Cytek Shoe………..The Cytek shoe just like the sole shoe of the 1700s was never altered.
Why?.......Unlike a Rim shoe, the shoe follows the edge of the sole not the Horny wall.
If all the bones from horse to horse are pretty much the same then the sole growing from the bottom of the Pedal bone become one shape, if trimmed correctly. "

The Cytek shoe is superior to products from NB because NB farriers apparently are altering the shoes to fit the individual hoof . Also NB products are not self trimming. Also NB front and and hind shoes seem to have differing shapes. All of this I guess in Cytek's world is wrong.

(again from the FAQ's)

"You can use a Natural Balance shoe to do the same thing…….No you can’t, a NB is fitted to the outer wall of the hoof, Cytek isn’t.
A N.B shoe doesn’t allow the hoof to trim it’s self.
The front and hind shoes are a different shape. "

I might try these. When I reset shoes I waste a lot of time trimming the feet. Self trimming shoes should lead to much more revenue.
George Spear

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Re: CYTEK, are you kidding me?????? 13 Feb 2012 01:04 #19

  • Rick Burten
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I am pleased to announce that over the past year I have been testing some hypotheses I made with regard to Cytek shoes. All hypotheses were rigorously tested and confirmed thus passing from the realm of hypothesis to Theory to conclusive fact. The hypotheses tested and confirmed as fact are:
1. Cytek shoes make excellent paper weights.
2. Cytek shoes singly or when bound together in multiples, make above average door stops especially when first dipped in
3. Cytek shoes, when tied together with stainless steel wire in groups of four or more, make good boat anchors.

I will be submitting the results of my research to the Cytek people for inclusion on their FAQs page.
Rick Burten PF

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